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Empowered Conception

Q: Are you and your significant other ready to start creating a family?
Q: Are you experiencing challenges in getting pregnant?

There are several factors that contribute to your ability to become pregnant.

Growing up we have heard our mothers and grandmothers talk about pregnancy and childbirth. We’ve experienced our friends going through pregnancy. You have probably even been bombarded by messages from our culture and social media about fertility and pregnancy.


You’re subconscious “programming” (beliefs), about Fertility have a large effect on your ability to become pregnant and start a family. This goes for women and men alike.


Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • You’re at high risk to have children past the age of 30.

  • Everyone in our family has had traumatic child birth experiences.

  • I’m scared my body isn’t healthy enough to carry a baby full term.

  • Is it safe to bring a baby into the world?

  • What if I turn out to be just like my parents?

  • Will I be a good mom/dad?


Often times if there are high levels of stress between you and your

partner it makes it that much more challenging to start your family.

Some areas of stress might include:

  • Ineffective communication within the relationship

  • Doubt in the others ability to be a steady, dependable parent

  • Unstable & stressful finances

  • Difference in Religion/Spirituality

  • Difference in values of how to parent

  • Lack of/unclear boundaries between your family and grandparents-to-be


Even if you are not experiencing challenges in getting pregnant, imagine how powerful it would be to transform your own “personal baggage” before you become pregnant, so you can experience the fullness & divinity of becoming a mother, father, and a family.

PSYCH-K is an ideal tool to shift and transform any and all beliefs and or fears you and your partner may have about starting and creating your family.


Choose to be an Empowered Individual so you may be an Empowered Parent.

2 Empowered Individuals = 2 Empowered Parents = 1 Empowered Family


For optimal results & experiences pair this package with the Empowered PregnancyEmpowered DeliveryEmpowered Mom/Dad and Empowered Parents packages.


Is "The Empowered Conception Program" 

right for you?

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