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Personal Development Using Subconscious Belief Change

How does it actually work?

People from all around the world have empowered their lives with the resulting benefits of updating and rewriting their beliefs at the subconscious level for the past 20+ years.  With the help of technology, we now have proof through qEEG Brainmaps to validate visible scientific evidence of the increased neural pathways and brain activity occurring during these processes.

Tashina uses the modality of PSYCH-K which creates a Whole-Brain state for each specific belief being addressed.  When the individual who is changing their belief enters into a Whole-Brain state, new neural pathways are created and opened within the brain in relationship to this new belief.

Brain Mapping Personal Development helps us to better understand the neuroscience behind PSYCH-K.  This evidence measures brainwave patterns through 20 specific locations on the head, converting the collected EEG data, into visual patterns that can be compared to one another.  Ongoing and current research, using qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) Brain mapping provides us “hard evidence” that using the PSYCH-K Personal Development methods establishes a Whole-Brain state.

Typically, using other self-help approaches, it can take weeks, months, or even years to experience significant changes in the normal energy patterns of the brain.  Previous research and common experience shows this to be true.  The patterns will stay the same until altered in some way.

However, with PSYCH-K Personal Development processes, significant changes were indicated after only 10 minutes!  A two-year research study was completed, involving 125 cases; below is a sample taken directly from this study.  Brainmaps are unique to each individual, yet the research consistently concludes 98% of the participants established a Whole-Brain state.

The RED reflects brain activity before the PSCYH-K Personal Development process, while the BLUE reflects the ADDED brainwave activity AFTER the process was complete. Incredible how the two colors create a significant shift in hemispheric coherence, a more globally activated energy pattern within the brain, after a PSYCH-K process is completed.


What Does This Mean?

Not only does balance occur between the left & right hemispheres of the brain, but front to back and across the brain.  With support from the newest brain research about neuro-plasticity, it appears by engaging in

PSYCH-K personal development processes, new neural networks are made, and/or previous neural networks can be re-activated.

With this, individuals dramatically increase access to additional brain functions.  This results in increased potential of responding to life’s growth opportunities.


The more we learn about personal development in the Whole-Brain state, the more it appears to be a “portal” into higher consciousness and long enduring success.

How does this translate into noticeable benefits?

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Empowered problem solving skills

  • Increased energy and efficiency

  • Heightened awareness

  • Reduced Stress

  • Clearer thinking

  • And much more…

A Quick Story:

Dr Jeffrey Fannin.jpg

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, a neuroscientist, was introduced to PSYCH-K in January 2010.  An associate clinician decided to add the PSYCH-K processes to sessions with clients (previously only using neuro-biofeedback technology).   Clients were able to reduce the number of sessions by approximately half when they also participated in the processes of PSYCH-K.


When Dr. Fannin learned of his associate’s success with clients, he began to attend PSCYH-K workshops to better understand what was happening and how.  He later met with the Originator of PSYCH-K, Rob Williams and they then decided a clinical study would take place.  It would later be published in the Fall 2011 issue of peer reviewed journal NeuroConnections.  -NeuroConnectionsV7

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