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The Secrets of Supermom Show 2023

-How to overcome Perfectionism-

In this episode we chatted about:

  • Why perfectionism is really common for ambitious women

  • Family dynamics that may praise success and perpetuate the need to be perfect

  • False beliefs about what other people are doing and capable of based on social media

  • Tying what you produce to the person you are in life

  • Questions to ask yourself when you find yourself trying to go non-stop

  • Identifying limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and operating subconsciously

  • How to overcome perfectionism by understanding your thoughts behind feeling like “enough”

  • Changing your internal programming for the drastic changes you want in your life.

The Meltdown to Mastery Podcast May 2023

-Rewiring the unconscious mind, shifting the needle-

Throughout the episode, Jayne and Tashina delve into several thought-provoking subjects, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms that shape our behaviors and perceptions.  Join us as we guide you towards unlocking the untapped potential within yourself, rewiring your subconscious mind, and stepping into a life filled with purpose, confidence, and fulfillment.

The Consistency Corner Podcast 2023

-Transforming the Blocks Holding Your Business Back-

In this episode we chatted about:
- How women often get in their own way and how we can actually change that (which is the first step in moving towards your goals and actually reaching everything you desire!)
- The power of having someone that's holding up a mirror and keeping you accountable so we can actually reach our goals. 
- How we can tap into our creative genius - especially during those times that we might not be feeling so creative.
- Forgetting about the linear pathway and perhaps doing things out of order so that we can find our creative juices again! Movement needs to be the aim.

Entrepreneurial Success Podcast  2022

How many times do you have a great idea and then very quickly, all those questions pop up in your mind and you start doubting your idea?

Or maybe you’ve been running your own business for a while and you just feel stuck?

You want to move on but you’re not sure why you’re stuck.  

You’re going to love today’s episode, so make sure you’ve got a pen and notebook handy ok.

So, we’re going to discuss:

1. The twins: Perfectionism & Procrastination

2. The truth behind the fear of failure or success

3. How do you feel about imposter syndrome

4. How to overcome overwhelm

5. Understanding clarity and working through your clouded thinking.

November 2022

Have you ever said:

"That’s it! I’m starting to live my life on my own terms!?"


What does it mean, really? Why does it even matter? And where should we start?

Take a listen to dive into these vital questions about living a life on your own terms!

October 2022

In this episode you'll hear:

-how I knew my soul's passion as a baby

-how someone’s words changed the trajectory of her dancing

-that perfectionism is one of the biggest things I works with clients on

July 2022

We talk about my training as a professional dancer and the insight it has given me to the balance between the masculine and feminine roles and energy. We delved into the topics of self-confidence, conscious parenting, the re-emergence and importance of a feminine support community, and how I support my clients throughout the entire journey of motherhood, empowering and supporting them through their birth process.

July 2022

June 2022

In this podcast we explore:

✨ Taking conscious parenting into real life application

✨ The importance of being true to oneself as a parent

✨ and much more!!

June 2022     In today’s episode I share my journey connecting to my inner power, voice, and confidence through movement and music. It all started with dance and music. As a young girl, a mentor told me that I would never amount to anything as a professional dancer. This impacted my internal beliefs, causing me to self-sabotage my professional dance career as an adult. It wasn’t until I learned I could change my inner beliefs at a subconscious level that I started to experience a massive breakthrough in my career - teaching, judging, and competing internationally. I have successfully applied these same concepts in multiple areas of my life to create more ease, flow, synchronicity, joy and success.

May 2022

In this podcast episode you will learn:

✨ Why you connect professionalism with perfection

✨ How to access your subconscious mind

✨ How to break through limiting beliefs

✨ How to detach your self-worth from what you produce at work


Enjoy listening.

April 2022

Why do we lose sight of following our passion & purpose in life?

What choices do we have in life in creating a different reality?

This and so many more golden nuggets in an amazing conversation with Martina Mazdrova

April 2022

I had a truly inspiring conversation with Analena about how our beliefs that we get conditioned from early on, determine the outcome of our lives. And HOW you can release beliefs that no longer serve you.

If you love Inspiration, following your life's dream, living YOUR best life, Human Design and Deconditioning, then this Episode is for you!


"No Plan B Mindset"
December 2021

Zero Point Healing Show
August 2020

March 2016

Host: Molly King
Overview: I hope you’re ready for a real treat—this episode with Tashina was jammed with great info on how to identify limiting beliefs and how to break through those. Tashina is a poster child for creating a vision and making it happen—but it’s by no accident that she’s gotten to where she is. She dishes the dirt on her own limiting beliefs and how she broke through them in order to now be an International Dance Instructor, while helping others overcome their life road blocks with her business Empowered to Greatness.

Listen in for more of her story & tips on how you, too, can start to create & live a life you love.
To subscribe to Molly’s Podcast visit:

March 2016

Host: Karen McKy
Producer: Richard Tashma

Overview: Today’s guest, International “Belief Change” Facilitator, Tashina Beckmann, invites us to open our mind, taking a deeper look at Self Love, Self Trust, Empowered Parenting, and moving from Awareness to true Empowerment in our life.

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