About Tashina

Tashina King

Tashina was raised in a family which supported exploring and finding her own personal truth. She was exposed to many religions and spiritual paths growing up. She was always fascinated by the similarities between all people, regardless of their religion, race, culture, etc.


She started dancing at the age of 2 ½ and still teaches and performs various forms of dance in addition to helping people through PSYCH-K. Through dance she found a connection to her own personal spirituality. While touring in Europe with her performing arts company, Young Americans, she discovered how much she loved teaching, and working one-on-one with individuals. She fell in love with the idea of being able to assist someone in their own discovery process.


She intuitively knew her greater purpose in life was to be of service to people throughout the world, helping them to re-connect with who they are at their core, and how to express themselves. At the time, dance was the only way she thought she would do that.


In July 2009 Tashina’s mom, Karen, found the modality PSYCH-K. At first Karen became a Professional Facilitator and shared the processes of PSYCH-K with her daughter. To Tashina’s amazement she experienced how fast and easy it was to shift self-limiting beliefs she wanted to work on. Tashina quickly experienced the transformation as it showed up in her personal life and dance career.


She quickly began to understand the power and effectiveness of the processes. By mid Dec 2009 Karen’s focus shifted from Facilitator to PSYCH-K Instructor, and in 2010 Tashina participated in her first PSYCH-K workshop with her mom as instructor. She learned the Basic processes and began to share PSYCH-K with her friends. Tashina loved hearing about the results her friends were having, and knew she had to learn the other gifts PSYCH-K had to offer.

Tashina couldn’t get enough PSYCH-K! Within a short time she participated in the remaining workshops so she could deepen her understanding and effectively facilitate all the processes of PSYCH-K. After the Advanced PSYCH-K class Tashina’s life drastically changed. A spark had ignited, that would only grow stronger. Every area of life started to thrive for her.

Every area of life started to thrive for her.

Tashina continued to pursue her dance career, yet there was always a nagging sense she was also meant to be doing something in conjunction with her dancing. She knew in her heart of hearts it was…PSYCH-K. After only 3 years Tashina decided to become a PSYCH-K Facilitator herself.

Tashina has held sessions with people of all walks of life, and all spiritual paths. Her niche is working with pregnant women and parents, artists/performers, and business owners.


"My hope is that together we can create a world where children and adults alike are brought into this world and raised in a place of peace, encouragement, and being empowered to be their best and true selves." -Tashina Beckmann-King


Her greatest joy as a PSYCH-K Facilitator is witness people re-connecting with their personal power, and support them through the PSYCH-K processes, so that they may create the thriving, rich life they were meant to experience. Individuals often remark at Tashina’s innate ability to intuitively guide the session, creating an atmosphere of trust, safety, and incredible transformation.

Message Tashina


In looking at my childbirth experience, the key thing I learned was that having the right birth team is critical. Experiencing Tashina in a position of support was essential for me!! She is extremely intuitive, compassionate and understanding. I had a very rough pregnancy and an unsupportive partner. I experienced complex and somewhat fearful feelings during my pregnancy and around my birth. I knew I needed to process them, acknowledge them and allow for a shift to occur. In order to do that, it was important for me to have the right support. I knew from our very first time together that the skills and qualities Tashina has would be indispensable in helping me through this process.

When we spoke we discussed many things, from my vision for coming into motherhood to how I wanted the birth to be; as well as my issues around birth and what my own birth was like and many other things. She asked comprehensive questions, discussed each topic and went deeper with the details that came up from it.

When the time came for the birth, Tashina’s work was obvious. I could see the shifts in what my fears had been and how they did not even show up! That moment was really pivotal for me and allowed me to experience just how powerful PSYCH-K really is. I am eternally grateful that I had her to help me through the journey to bring my daughter into this world.


After the experience of my pregnancy and birth, Tashina and I worked together more to align my beliefs with my vision of my new understandings as a mom. The recognition of the depth of self-care was breathtaking. I would recommend PSYCH-K to every woman and especially Tashina’s touch, with the work, to anyone. You will be blessed and extremely fortunate to have her on your birth team. Her passion for you and the lifework is palpable. Continuing to work with Tashina allows me to become the mother I know I can be.

- Pamela Russell, Mother