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Tashina King


I was raised in a family which supported exploring finding my own personal truth.  I was exposed to many religions and spiritual paths growing up and was always fascinated by the similarities between all people, regardless of their religion, race, culture, etc.

I started dancing at the age of 2 ½ and had a professional international dance career for 13 years: teaching, judging and coaching women, men and couples in over thirteen countries. 

During this time  I connected deeply with how much I love working one-on-one with individuals and my passion ignited for assisting someone in their own discovery process grew.

I have always intuitively known my greater purpose in life is to be of service to people throughout the world, helping them to re-connect with who they are at their core.

In July 2009 my mom, Karen, became a PSYCH-K Facilitator and shared the subconscious belief change processes with me.  To my amazement I experienced how fast and easy it was to shift my self-limiting beliefs that were causing stagnation in my professional dance career. I rapidly advanced to the top competitive level of West Coast Swing and started teaching Internationally in the course of only 4 short years, after working with my limiting beliefs.

I quickly began to understand the power and effectiveness of subconscious belief-change processes. By 2010 I participated in my first PSYCH-K workshop and immediately started sharing PSYCH-K with my friends and loved hearing about the results they were having.

Bavarian Open 2018.jpg

I couldn’t get enough of the PSYCH-K, subconscious belief-change processes! Within a short time I deepened my understanding and elevated my skillets as a facilitator to include all the processes PSYCH-K offers. As I learned more and continuously applied the processes for myself, my life drastically changed. A spark had ignited, that would only grow stronger. Every area of my life started to thrive.

I incorporated the processes with my clients and dance students, nationally and  internationally.  All of which experienced more confidence, trust in their body, ease of performance, and exponential growth as women and dancers with positive impacts in their careers, relationships, finances, health and family life.

During my professional dance career I got married in 2017 and gave birth to my son in 2019.

2019 Maternity Photos-0103.jpg

Knowing the power subconscious belief-change work had brought not only to my life but to the life of my students and other clients, I applied the processes to my entire fertility, pregnancy and childbirth journey.  


I assessed the cultural, societal and familial programming I had about becoming pregnant, the experience of pregnancy and journey of childbirth.  I immediately started to shift out of beliefs and thoughts that included pain, drama, trauma and challenge.  I knew I wanted a peaceful and enjoyable journey.

My husband and I decided to start "trying" in June of 2019 and within 1 month, I was pregnant with our son.  I deeply believe due to beliefs I shifted like "I easily get pregnant","I have an easy and enjoyable pregnancy", "It's safe to bring a baby into the world", and many others, my body, mind and spirit were in alignment to open and receive the  conception of my son.

In short, I had the birth experience I had always dreamed of.  A natural at-home water birth with my husband, family and chosen birth team.   Although the sensations of birth were intense (for sure!), not once did I doubt my ability, my body's ability or fear the process and sensations.  It was the most confident and present I had ever experienced myself, my body and my immediate world.  I welcomed our son into the world in a peaceful and calm environment, in a way that honoured myself, my husband, and our son. 

​My passion for supporting women and families has only strengthened since I began this work in 2010.  No matter where a woman is struggling in her life, it’s incredible to  witness her journey of (re)claiming authority in her life and creating a life she wants, on her own terms. 


Together let’s create a world where children and adults alike are nurtured, encouraged and supported to grow in an environment of peace, joy and connection to their whole selves.

Individuals often remark at my innate ability to intuitively guide sessions, creating an atmosphere of trust, safety, and incredible transformation.

By combining subconscious belief change, confidence coaching, and transformational methods, I look forward to supporting you in taking ownership of your power and creating the life you desire, on your own terms, rooted in self-worth.

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In looking at my childbirth experience, the key thing I learned was that having the right birth team is critical. Experiencing Tashina in a position of support was essential for me!! She is extremely intuitive, compassionate and understanding. I had a very rough pregnancy and an unsupportive partner. I experienced complex and somewhat fearful feelings during my pregnancy and around my birth. I knew I needed to process them, acknowledge them and allow for a shift to occur. In order to do that, it was important for me to have the right support. I knew from our very first time together that the skills and qualities Tashina has would be indispensable in helping me through this process.

When we spoke we discussed many things, from my vision for coming into motherhood to how I wanted the birth to be; as well as my issues around birth and what my own birth was like and many other things. She asked comprehensive questions, discussed each topic and went deeper with the details that came up from it.

When the time came for the birth, Tashina’s work was obvious. I could see the shifts in what my fears had been and how they did not even show up! That moment was really pivotal for me and allowed me to experience just how powerful PSYCH-K really is. I am eternally grateful that I had her to help me through the journey to bring my daughter into this world.


After the experience of my pregnancy and birth, Tashina and I worked together more to align my beliefs with my vision of my new understandings as a mom. The recognition of the depth of self-care was breathtaking. I would recommend PSYCH-K to every woman and especially Tashina’s touch, with the work, to anyone. You will be blessed and extremely fortunate to have her on your birth team. Her passion for you and the lifework is palpable. Continuing to work with Tashina allows me to become the mother I know I can be.

- Pamela Russell, Mother

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