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Are you ready to
create clarity, consistency
and flow in your business

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Mindset & Confidence coaching for Female
Service-Based Entrepreneurs with

Unlock the power of your subconscious mind and finally achieve MASSIVE success whilst having harmony with your personal life!

Powerful coaching and subconscious belief-change for women
who are ready to step into their power and confidently 
take ownership of their life.

So let me ask you, "Are you self-jeopardizing your own success and joy?"

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In this course you will learn 5 simple and impactful methods to soften and reduce the stressful impact that perfectionism can have in your life.

How Can You Benefit from 
Subconscious Belief Change?

Coaching through subconscious belief change is an easy, fast and efficient set of processes and techniques that deliver social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

It offers us the ability to holistically work at the causal level creating the opportunity for many kinds of symptoms and experiences to be relieved.

Benefits often include:

  • Healthier Relationship with Yourself

  • Enriched Connection to Your Body

  • (Re)Connection to you Intuition & Inner Guidance

  • Healing Family & Ancestral Trauma

  • Addictions Released

  • Forgiveness, Grief & Loss
    (inner healing)

  • Increased Connection to Spirituality

  • Increased Confidence

  • Increased Creativity

  • Magnified Wealth

  • Enhanced Performance in Career

  • Increased Focus

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Synchronicity & Flow through Life

  • Inner Peace

  • Better, Deeper Sleep

  • Healthier Relationship with Your Partner

  • Inner Peace and Calm through Infertility and conception

  • Transformed fears & concerns of being a parent

  • Freedom from Birth Trauma

  • Increased Trust of yourself and birthing team during childbirth

  • Relaxed Birthing Experience

  • Ease in transitioning from Pregnancy to Being A Mom


Tashina King

Founder of Empowered to Greatness

With over 10 years of experience supporting and coaching women from all 

over the world, Tashina understands just how vital it is to look at the whole-woman when it comes to the goals and desires each woman has.  It is crucial to nurture and transform the foundation upon which those goals and desires are rooted in so that they may be reached with ease, confidence, and joy.

Tashina understands the demands of being a woman.  She is an internationally recognised top instructor, entrepreneur since 2008, has toured over thirteen countries as a coach and professional dancer while being married and having a two year old son.

Through her tours and coaching practice she has coached over 8,000 individuals throughout the world on self-worth, confidence, and taking ownership of their life.  

1:1 Coaching and Programs

Individuals often remark at Tashina's innate ability to intuitively guide and coach, creating an atmosphere of trust, safety, and incredible transformation.

"Wow!  I have found my voice and it sounds beautiful! I have so many wonderful things to celebrate and honor! I have been able to speak up for my needs without feeling guilt or fear of letting anyone down.  I am now in control of choosing my actions. I have never felt so empowered.  There were other big opportunities for being able to speak up and advocate for myself."




Two words…lasting freedom.

I HIGHLY recommend Tashina Beckmann and her Psych-K methods. She is a compassionate, wise, and powerful catalyst for change, freedom, and forward movement in your life.


Tashina has a very empathic ability to connect with others. She is professional yet her warmth and caring are evident. She has assisted numerous people I have referred to her. I highly recommend and endorse Tashina. You couldn’t be in better hands.


I am nothing but impressed, surprised, and grateful. Yeahh! I can feel a big change, in many aspects, but mainly regarding my self esteem, my awareness of the universal divinity and, of course, the awareness of my own divinity, my body, and my higher self.   :)




Location: United States

For any 1:1 Coaching or Program inquiries, please contact Tashina King

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