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Parenting Team

Empowered Parenting Team

When you’re pressed for time and your kiddo enthusiastically runs up to you and proudly shows you a drawing they just made and you hurriedly reply “I don’t have time for this”, there’s a good possibility they took that to mean “My mom doesn’t have time for me”, or “My creativity is worthless”. Before you know it, a subconscious belief just took root of “not being important enough”.

It’s easy to let life get in the way, fall into parenting habits we had modeled to us as children.

Often times one adult feels like the other is not on board with the original vision for the family. We forget we can come together (at any point in the journey) with our life partner and CONSCIOUSLY CREATE exactly what we want.

It’s important to know between birth and approximately 7 years of age, a child accepts everything they hear, see & experience at face value; as truth. Your child’s mind is a sponge with no filters. What does this mean to you?

Without this awareness, you are blindly programming your child with beliefs that either set them up for an empowered life or one of constant struggle.

Just think back to your own childhood. Can you remember a few examples when some early seeded beliefs took place? Are they ones you want to pass onto your children?

This uniquely tailored program was created so both parents could come together in the subconscious belief change processes. Together as a team you create and solidify beliefs at the subconscious level, setting the foundation for your family to thrive. Together as a team you can keep each other accountable for your ultimate family vision.

This program is ideal for Parents-to-be and for families that are already “established”.

A sampling of topics transformed in the program includes:

  • Setting boundaries with grandparents

  • Setting beliefs that support the vision of how you want to raise a family

    • Money, Religion/Spirituality, Learning, Communication, etc.

  • Beliefs/concerns each has about after baby arrives.

  • If already parents, address current challenges of parenting

Be an Empowered Parenting Team

For optimal results pair this with the Empowered Mom/Empowered Dad and

the Empowered Family programs.


Explore if the The Empowered Parents Program
is right for you and your partner!

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