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Empowered Family

The family unit is in a constant state of flux. There are countless factors that show up on a day-to-day basis, making life the greatest school ever. It only gets more comical the more people you have in the family. The ultimate goal is for each person to live authentically within the greater family unit.


“Authenticity requires us to access that deep, silent aspect of our being that is nevertheless audible beneath the whirring din of whatever may be happening in our life…this authentic state of being doesn’t need the external environment in order to survive. Rather, it requires a synchronicity with our mind and a moment-by-moment connection with our body”      
–The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

The beautiful thing is you are not helpless and left alone to fend in the jungle.

You have actually landed on one of the most useful tools…PSYCH-K.

Many families have implemented PSYCH-K into their weekly, even daily lives to allow for ultimate flow and ease. Just as quickly as challenges or blocks show up, you can just as easily transform them.

It sounds easy, I know! But life does not have to be hard (isn’t that just another limiting belief?)

The Empowered Family program is here to assist your family with whatever challenges it might be experiencing:

  • Changes in the home since the new baby arrived.

  • How mom/dad are relating to the new baby?

  • How siblings are adjusting to having a new sibling.

  • How baby is adjusting to his/her new world (sleeping, eating/latching, car rides, etc).

  • Relationship between parent and kid(s)


Rest assured PSYCH-K is applicable to every area that shows up in your family dynamics.

For an optimal thriving family make sure to pair this series with the Empowered Mom/Dad and Empowered Parenting programs.

Create an Empowered Family

Explore how this uniquely tailored
Empowered Family Program can support your family!

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