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Child Birth

Empowered Child Birth

When the time comes to give birth to your baby the goal is for you and your partner to feel prepared, calm, and excited so you can be fully present to the experience.

If you have underlying thoughts about:

  • Fear of the process of labor & childbirth (long and painful)

  • Doubt in your birth plan and those lined up to support you in executing your plan

  • Fear your birth plan might have to change during delivery

  • Doubt in your body’s ability to deliver a child

  • Feel the world is an unsafe place to bring a child into

  • Or any other fear, doubt, concern

  • Past traumas (sexual abuse/rape, stillbirths, etc).


You, your body, your partner and your baby will have a “rockier” birth experience than is necessary.

At all times, we are co-creators in our experiences, and it is no different when it comes to Child Birth.


What if you went into your Child Birth Experience feeling prepared and with beliefs such as:

  • “I trust my body knows what to do when I go into labor.”

  • “It’s safe to bring my baby into this world.”

  • “I trust the doctors/nurses/midwife which help to delivery my baby.”

  • “I allow the contractions to flow through me quickly and easily.”

  • “My birth plan is honored and followed.”

  • “I’m ready to be a mom/dad!”

  • “I know how to best support my partner as she gives birth”


The Empowered Childbirth Program is designed to address and transform all of the concerns, doubts and fears PRIOR to labor and childbirth.  The program can be held individually or with both parents-to-be.


It is of great value for the father/partner to be involved and present in the sacred experience of childbirth. By involving both parents-to-be, you are establishing the foundation for an Empowered Family.

It is highly encouraged to pair this series with the Empowered Pregnancy, Empowered Mom/DadEmpowered Parents & Empowered Family programs.

Is The Empowered Childbirth Program 

right for you & your partner?

Schedule your complimentary "Empowered Childbirth Discovery"
session now with me to learn more. or 719.661.3435 (PST)

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