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Empowered Pregnancy

“From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.”
- Bruce Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect.

If you thought the nutrients in your diet were one of the only things directly affecting your developing baby, think again! In the expanding world of Epigenetics, new science reveals that a developing fetus is directly affected by every thought, feeling, and emotion of the mother.

Your baby experiences every thought and feeling you do because of the maternal blood which passes through the placenta. These chemicals and hormones target the fetuses developing cells and genes, pre-programming their personality, ability of higher thought, emotional temperament, and so much more.


A few examples:

  • If throughout the pregnancy the mother and father are constantly fighting and arguing, the fetus is absorbing chemicals from the mother of anger and stress. This could later result in challenges of the baby connecting to the father once he/she is born (even throughout his/her entire life).

  • If during pregnancy the mother doesn’t want the baby, the fetus is inundated with the chemicals of rejection. (Especially important for those parents who are adopting)

  • If the mother is chronically stressed throughout the pregnancy, the developing baby is bathed in stress hormones and cortisol.

  • If the mother or father feels like the world is an unsafe place to bring a child into, the baby develops in an environment of unease, defense & being on guard.

  • If the mother is crazy in love with being pregnant, the baby, and the father, then the baby develops in the chemicals of love, harmony, and peace.

“We must truly step into the role of co-creator with this understanding.”
-Tashina King


Now that we know how our programming affects our baby in utero, we have a responsibility to do our part to create the healthiest environment possible. So what next?

Create an Empowered Pregnancy

In the Empowered Pregnancy sessions we focus on not only the mother’s experience of pregnancy but that also of the fathers/or partners. Other areas that are addressed and transformed:

  • Potentially relieve morning sickness, exhaustion, and other physical challenges

  • Enhance foundational beliefs for a healthy pregnancy

  • Beliefs regarding body image/body changes/health of body

  • Relationship to partner while pregnant

  • Fear/frustration of being pregnant


It is highly encouraged to pair this series with the Empowered DeliveryEmpowered Mom/Dad, and 

Empowered Parents programs. See if the Empowered Pregnancy Program is right for you!

Call or email me to schedule your complimentary "Pregnancy Breakthrough" session now! or 719.661.3435 (PST)

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