Zero Point Healing Show
August 2020

March 2016

Host: Molly King
Overview: I hope you’re ready for a real treat—this episode with Tashina was jammed with great info on how to identify limiting beliefs and how to break through those. Tashina is a poster child for creating a vision and making it happen—but it’s by no accident that she’s gotten to where she is. She dishes the dirt on her own limiting beliefs and how she broke through them in order to now be an International Dance Instructor, while helping others overcome their life road blocks with her business Empowered to Greatness.

Listen in for more of her story & tips on how you, too, can start to create & live a life you love.
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March 2016

Host: Karen McKy
Producer: Richard Tashma

Overview: Today’s guest, International “Belief Change” Facilitator, Tashina Beckmann, invites us to open our mind, taking a deeper look at Self Love, Self Trust, Empowered Parenting, and moving from Awareness to true Empowerment in our life.