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Whole Woman Coaching

Are you ready to take ownership of your power and create a life on your own terms?

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Is this program for you?

You're a woman who wears all the hats: career woman, dating/marriage, mother, friend, daughter & more.  Whether you feel overwhelmed, struggle with self doubt or just know your life can be more, this program is all about helping you take ownership of your power and create a life on your own terms, rooted in self worth. 

Have you ever felt like this?

  • I'm not good enough.

  • Everyone else's needs and wants are more important than mine.

  • I never have time for myself.

  • I wish my body wasn't so ___________.

  • Why do I always self sabotage my goals?

  • I never feel heard or seen.

  • I know I could do more with my life, but why can't I?

  • Why does everything have to be such a struggle?

​If you're tired of trying to experience "break through's", achieve your goals, find work/life balance, joy, health and more through the typical




-positive thinking

-making it happen

-career/life coaching


You are in the RIGHT PLACE!!!

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

As women we've been conditioned to constantly give away our power due to lack of self-love, self-respect and self-confidence. 


The result is we give our power over to “experts” and other people to take control of and care for our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  We cease taking responsibility for our lives and end up feeling like a “victim” of our experiences. 


We live in a world that operates mainly from the conscious mind, where little to no attention is placed on the subconscious mind, which is where all of our beliefs are stored. 


This explains why you have likely struggled to thrive in're only working with a portion of the whole puzzle. 

Most women only work with their conscious mind.

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

We react to our environment based on past experience,  much of which occurs when we are young and unaware of what is taking place.


We draw conclusions from those experiences and store them in the subconscious mind as beliefs, values and attitudes, determining how we view, respond and behave in future life situations.


All subconscious beliefs are powerful, including the negative ones which can sabotage our conscious behaviours and intentions.

These can affect every aspect of our lives including:​​

  • self-love & self-esteem

  • personal power

  • relationships

  • prosperity & abundance

  • health & body-including weight loss

  • grief & loss

  • dis-ease & illness

The reason this program is so powerful is because we work with the whole woman.  We don't work with just one area of life.


When one aspect is out of sync it impacts other areas.  We must heal, strengthen and empower every aspect of your life, so your whole life works in harmony and health.


But we take it to a whole other level.

We work with the missing piece you haven't known to work with!!


We take the beliefs that are causing struggle in each area of life...


...and rewrite them into beliefs, attitudes and thoughts,

integrating them at the subconscious level...

allowing your specific goals to be reached with ease and joy.

It’s easy to create the behaviours and experiences you want when your beliefs are aligned with your goals!


In the Whole Woman Coaching Program we will


  • Holistically explore:

    • Your relationship to yourself as a woman​

    • Self-love, Self-Worth, Self-Respect​

    • Speaking Your Voice & Self-Advocating

    • Communication and Relations with others

    • Dating & Marriage

    • Career

    • Motherhood

    • Finances & Abundance 

    • Health

    • Relationship to food & diet​

    • Fitness

In each area we will untether the subconscious mind from the negative self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and replace them with positive, self-empowering beliefs at the subconscious level.

Create action steps that will immediately start outwardly reflecting the new subconscious shifts so you may move in the direction of where you want to go and/or be, no longer staying stuck in what has been.​​

"Every woman has the answers and power within herself to create their ultimate life...including YOU!

It's time to claim your personal power, and create a life on your own terms."
-Tashina King

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Coach with Tashina Today

10 sessions total: 1-1 Sessions (60-mins)


Regular Price

3 x $1,110

Payment Plan - 3 Payments

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