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Self Improvement With PSYCH-K

Who can use PSYCH-K?

No matter the age, belief system, occupation, or hobbies, every individual alive can easily and powerfully use the Self-Improvement processes of PSYCH-K and experience the benefits from the results.  Each individual has some sort of limiting belief(s) that was programmed subconsciously which holds them back from becoming their greatest self and reaching their grandest potential. 

It is our birth right to live in a state of personal greatness and empowerment, to thrive!  Subconscious programming occurs even if we don’t like it.  However, with PSYCH-K Self-Improvement we have the choice and ability to rewrite that programming to one of our liking so we may become master artist of our own life.

Belly with Hands.jpg

Many women have hardships during their pregnancy: morning sickness, painful deliveries, swollen feet, heartburn, etc.  What if that didn’t have to be Yourexperience though?  More and more women want to have a holistic pregnancy, reducing the amount of drugs used during pregnancy and delivery.  Plenty of women enjoy pain free pregnancies and holistic deliveries, simply by re-writing those specific subconscious beliefs that many have adopted to be true.  Imagine bringing your child into this world without the trauma of epidurals, drugs, c-section, and long labor.  Pregnancy and child birth can be a joyous experience!

There are a growing number of women who utilize hypnosis during childbirth to create a comfortable, pain free delivery.  Hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind.  PSYCH-K similarly accesses the subconscious, however it is much faster, more efficient, and allows one to personalize their birth experience so they are more in control.  You can even start to raise your child Consciously while you are pregnant.  The mothers (and by association, the fathers) emotions and thoughts during pregnancy actually pre-program the baby’s personality, ability of higher thought, emotional temperament, and so much more.


Are you a new parent wanting to take a holistic approach to raising your children?  You can! Even if your newborn is colicky, doesn’t sleep well, constantly sick, and cries frequently you don’t have to resort to Western Medicine if you don’t want to.  We can easily learn exactly what the newborn baby needs, eliminating hardship and frustration and creating a peaceful, “easy-flow” household for baby and parents alike.


Most parents are unaware of how their babies are responding to the parents worries and fears.  Newborns are extremely sensitive to their environments, including their parent’s concerns.  This is only amplified if you have experienced a traumatic delivery.  By utilizing PSYCH-K, we can address the underlying fears & traumas of the parent which might be contributing to the challenges.


Family Maternity

As adults we often experience the same problems in life our parents had.  What caused that?  The programming they passed on to us based on their fears and beliefs.  We don’t want our children to experience our problems surely, so whatdo you want to pass onto your children? 

Parents are typically under immense stress and pressures themselves, & tend to live in the “fear-zone” when it comes to parenting.  By having fears, we project onto our children the very things we don’t want to have happen.  The way we handle our stress and pressures in life, is the programming we are giving to our children to handle their stress and pressure. 

PSYCH-K is a phenomenal tool to “clear our own junk” so our kids don’t have to have it as their new programming.  As a result of using PSYCH-K a new lifestyle will emerge for a family as healthier dialogs, patterns and understandings take root.  Stress reactions are reduced, pressures are decreased, and higher quality family time & discussion are only a few of the rich benefits reaped from utilizing PSYCH-K.


Girl at School

Children in today’s world are placed under immense amounts of stress and pressure from society, media, parents, friends and many other sources.  One of the greatest pressures is to get high test scores so as to be considered successful.  Children are placed in dance, sports, music and other extracurricular activities in order to not be left behind.

All these pressures and stress are asking children to be adults, so they are left without experiencing the joys of being a kid.  Creative play, daydreaming, adventures in exploring, and getting dirty are left as mere stories in children’s book and norms of past generations, not ours.  Due to the lack of coping skills & “getting to be a kid”, children often find ways to escape it all: alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex and other forms of numbing themselves.

Children of any age can benefit drastically from PSYCH-K.  Whatever the apparent issue a child might be experiencing, there is an underlying belief in the child that is creating this present reality, and the good news is that belief can be re-written into one that will better serve him/her.  In a therapy session children have to sit and talk about their feelings for an hour with no action and involvement included in the session.  With a PSYCH-K session, the child is actively engaged in their own improvement & empowerment, physically doing the balances themselves.  Children of all ages love it as the experience is fast, easy and FUN! 

PSYCH-K is a highly valuable resource for children who want a happier, more productive life, with healthy ways to cope with life’s growth opportunities.

Artists, Performers & Athletes


It’s amazing how many limiting beliefs there are in the world when it comes to following your passion or being an artist (painter, dancer, performer, actor/actress, etc.) and the hard lifestyle that follows should you choose to be an artist.  These beliefs go back for centuries.  We live in a new time, and with it the opportunity to re-write those limiting beliefs from struggle to thriving success.

Many things can hold back an artist: fear of success, fear of failure, feelings that your art isn’t worthy or good enough, making money is hard being an artist.  The list goes on and on.  As the Picasso of your life you have the choice to paint PSYCH-K into your life. Start with a blank canvas & paint it with stunning self-empowering beliefs in your subconscious mind. 

The world is ready and in need of the voices of today’s artists (no matter what form of art you do).  It’s time us artists grow into our fullest potentials, “speaking with clarity” to the world, while inspiring others to do the same. 

Increased creativity & inspiration, more confidence in your art, increased sales of your art, stronger performance at shows or auditions, and growth as an artist are only a few benefits some artists have experienced from utilizing PSYCH-K.

Business Owners, Boss’s & Employee’s

Business Associates.jpg

PSYCH-K can be introduced at any level & in any part of a company structure, and the business/company will experience incredible magic. 

Business Owners who employ PSYCH-K experience greater ease and flow in either getting their business started, or continuing its growth.  The entire business model will begin to thrive in ways you only imagined and hoped for.  Take your business to its fullest expression & greatest purpose! 

Boss’s or Managers who use PSCYH-K experience a higher rate of engagement from their staff, less stress, and higher effectiveness with their employees.

Employee’s that engage in PSYCH-K experience more joy and productivity in their work life, less stress, and increased creativity.

Other Individuals:

  • Life Coaches

  • Healing Practitioners (Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Reflexologist, Holistic Health Clinics)

  • Nurses & Doctors

  • Business Executives

  • Sales People

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