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"Break The Perfectionist Mindset" Kit
-How to subconsciously bust through Perfectionism in your life-

Are you serious about your growth and want more?

Explore my

"5 Methods To Bust Through Perfectionism In Your Life" 


5 Methods To Bust Through The Perception Of Perfection (24).png
Here's What You Get 
  • Unlimited access to 5 "Perfection Busting" workbooks and methods where you will:

    • Reconnect with how to nurture yourself with compassion, and build yourself up.

    • Build a support team around you as you build a life on your own terms, so you no longer have to go at it alone.

    • Reclaim your authority and take ownership of your power to experience the richness of life.

    • and much more

  • At your own pace

    • Allows you to move at your own pace and come back to the course at any time.

  • Bonus 1:1 Power Coaching Session with Tashina

  • A $179 Value for $47

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