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Empowered Kiddos/Teens

“My worth is based on my popularity”

being transformed into

We have all been there: Those years of adolescence when “the world is going to end!” and everything is so dramatic and overwhelming. Being a kid/ teenager definitely has its ups and downs, but the tool of PSYCH-K is available to your kids. These years do not have to be as challenging for them as they probably were for you. If you had had a tool when you were younger to make things easier, wouldn’t you have utilized it?

IMAGINE this for your kids:

“I am so proud of who I am!”

“No matter how well I know the material I always fail on the test”

turning into

“I am so confident in my test-taking skills”

“I hate the way I look”

transmuting to

“I value and appreciate my natural beauty”

   Kids and Teens benefit greatly from PSYCH-K in multiple areas.

  • Starting School

  • Test Anxiety

  • Learning Challenges

  • Self-Image

  • Peer Pressure

  • Dating & Personal Boundaries

  • Challenging Relationships with Parents/Siblings/Step Parents

  • College Preparation

  • Sports & Extracurricular Activities

  • Traumas (Physical, Mental, Emotional)


Encourage Empowered Kids/Teens

Support your kids in eliminating their baggage before they have it packed for life.

Your kids could be the first in family history to go out into the world feeling prepared and fully equipped to create their ideal life.

 These sessions are held between the PSYCH-K facilitator and the kiddo/teenager.

Other question? Contact me at or 719.661.3435 (PST)

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