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How To Have It All:

The Secret to Thriving as a Woman
in All Areas of Life

February 2nd at 11am MST

Video update: the workshop will now be Wednesday Feb. 2nd, still at 11:00am MST

In this webinar we will cover

A new year brings an incredible opportunity to truly transform the root cause of any long-lasting challenges that keep you stuck and frustrated.  

Stop allowing past pain, stress and challenge from determining the course and speed of your life.
Stop sitting idle on your potential.

Every year, women all over the world struggle to achieve their New Year's Resolutions and Goals.  When the new year rolls around, they set the same or similar goals and continue to experience slow progress or no progress at all. 

In this FREE workshop you will discover the secret to overcoming the challenges that sabotage your goals so you can thrive as a Woman... in all areas of life!
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Presented by Tashina King,
Founder & CEO of
Empowered to Greatness

With over 10 years of experience supporting and coaching women from all over the world, Tashina understands just how vital it is to look at the whole-woman when it comes to the goals and desires each woman has. 


Tashina understands the demands of being a woman and how perfectionism limits one's ability to feel fulfilled and be successful in life. 

Tashina has coached over 8,000 individuals throughout the world on

self-worth, confidence, taking ownership of their life, and breaking the chains of the perfection mindset.  

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