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Confidence Coaching

Are you ready to stop playing small and start living your life with confidence?

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Is this program for you?

 This program is for the woman wanting to speak her voice, show up in the world to play big, and authentically fulfil her life's purpose and passion.   Whether your looking to step into a different career, start your own business, meet your life partner or finally feel confident in yourself, Tashina can support you in emotionally, mentally and spiritually claiming your power and confidently creating a life on your own terms. 

Have you ever felt like this?

  • I'm not good enough.

  • If only I lost 10 lbs then I could feel more confident.

  • What will people think of me?

  • I'll never be able to do that.

  • I wish public speaking and networking came naturally.

  • Why is it so hard for me to speak up for myself?

  • Why do I always feel so inadequate?

​If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to find your inner confidence through the typical

-"fake it till ya' make it"




-positive thinking

-career/life coaching


You are in the RIGHT PLACE!!!

These approaches can take weeks, months, or even years to experience significant changes.  

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

The reason this program is so powerful and different from other confidence courses is because we work at the causal level

We work with the missing piece you haven't known to work with...

...where actual change is created!!!

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

We react to our environment based on past experiences,  much of which occurs when we are young and unaware of what is taking place.


We draw conclusions from those experiences and store them in the subconscious mind as beliefs, values and attitudes, determining how we view, respond and behave in future life situations.


All subconscious beliefs are powerful, including the negative ones which can sabotage our conscious behaviours and intentions.

The reason you have likely had an inconsistent and long road towards building and maintaining your self confidence is you have only addressed it at the conscious level, and have missed the opportunity to integrate confidence at the subconscious level. 

These negative beliefs can affect every aspect of our lives including:​​

  • advocating for yourself

  • meeting new people and building relationships

  • feeling confident and comfortable in your body

  • self-love & self-esteem

  • personal power

  • taking risks

In the Confidence Coaching Program we will


  • Discover the main reason(s) why all your other attempts to improve your mindset haven't created lasting change, so this time your efforts actually create the results you desire.

  • Determine the key areas where your confidence is stifled or non-existent

  • Clarify the self-limiting beliefs impacting and limiting your confidence

  • Untether the subconscious mind from these negative self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, self-empowering beliefs at the subconscious level.

  • Restore and deepen your connection to your inner guidance

  • Overcome fears of judgement and criticism

  • Transform childhood traumas and stressful situations contributing to current confidence struggles

  • Stop comparing yourself to other women so you stop beating yourself up all the time

  • Overcome your fear of failure, making mistakes and letting others down

  • Transform the death grip of perfectionism so you can trust your skill sets & confidently show up in the world

  • Value your creativity and ideas as priceless assets

  • Identify & transform how you might be self-sabotaging yourself so you stay motivated and show up for yourself

  • Integrate strategies to turn these transformations into results that stick for years to come​​

"You are worthy of actualising your potential and creating the life you've always yearned for.  Let's work together so you may take ownership of your power from a place of self-worth, inner trust and confidence."

-Tashina King

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Coach with Tashina Today

10 sessions total: 1-1 Sessions (60-mins)


Regular Price

3 x $1,110

Payment Plan - 3 Payments

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