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Fertility Calm Coaching

Are you ready to feel confident and calm during your fertility journey and feel secure and trusting of pregnancy and childbirth? 

Is this program for you?

This program is for the woman who is just starting on their fertility journey or has been trying to get pregnant for a while, who is wanting to find their inner peace, calm, and trust of the journey their on.  Whether you're ready to get pregnant for the first time, are struggling with getting pregnant and feeling hopeless, or navigating fertility treatments, Tashina can help you journey the experience of getting pregnant in a resilient, peaceful, positive, and confident manner.

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

There are several factors that contribute to your ability to become pregnant.

  • Growing up we have heard our mothers and grandmothers talk about pregnancy, childbirth and the demands of motherhood.

  • We’ve experienced our friends trying to get pregnant and going through pregnancy.

  • We are bombarded by messages from our culture and social media about fertility and pregnancy.

Is this life-long messaging positive and empowering or negative and fear based? What foundation has been laid to ensure easy conception and ultimately becoming a mom?


You’re inner talk, beliefs, thoughts, concerns and fears about Fertility, Pregnancy and being a mom, have a large affect on your ability to become pregnant and start a family.

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • I'm at high risk to have children past the age of 30.

  • Everyone in our family has had traumatic child birth experiences.

  • I’m scared my body isn’t going to carry a baby full term.

  • Is it safe to bring a baby into the world?

  • What if I turn out to be just like my parents?

  • Will I be a good mom?

Any thoughts and doubts like this are creating an environment of stress in your body, mind and spirit.  The stress is intensified if these worries and concerns are deeply rooted and overwhelmingly present.  Any amount of stress can make it challenging to conceive (naturally or with fertility treatments), have a full-term & healthy pregnancy, and affect the ease of childbirth.

Some additional areas of stress might include:

  • Ineffective communication within your relationship/marriage

  • Doubt in your partners ability to be a steady, dependable parent

  • Unstable & stressful finances

  • Difference in Religion/Spirituality

  • Difference in values of how to parent

  • Lack of or unclear boundaries between your family and grandparents-to-be

In this 1:1 coaching program we will be working with where you are at in your specific fertility journey, lessening and possibly even removing stress in your system to create a calm and peaceful environment for you to conceive and enjoy the experience of becoming a mom. 


“You will teach them how to live with your unacknowledged fears, your rejected emptiness, your forgotten lies – all the while unaware you are doing so. Such is the power of unacknowledged lostness”
–The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

In this 10-session, 11 program we will __ Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubt

In the Fertility Calm Coaching Program we will


  • Explore and heal your birth experience into the world

  • Craft life-enhancing beliefs to support your fertility journey
    (whether it be natural or with the aid of fertility treatments)


  • Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubts you have about getting pregnant


  • Discover what story you've created and told yourself about pregnancy and childbirth


  • Transform any past birth or sexual traumas/stressful situations that may be causing stress and fear


  • Create the beliefs, feelings and thoughts you would rather have about fertility, pregnancy and childbirth


  • Integrate these beliefs at the subconscious level so you may experience ease in getting pregnant, carrying full term, and holding your baby


  • Overcome any self doubt or worry you have about becoming a mama.


  • Strengthen your relationship to your partner


  • Ensure your internal dialogue supports being a great mama & having a career

Let's work together so you may believe in your body and trust you can do this, allowing you to navigate this sacred chapter of life with joy and positivity so you can confidently

step into the extraordinary honor of being a mama.

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Coach with Tashina Today

10 sessions total: 1-1 Sessions (60-mins)


Regular Price

3 x $1,510

Payment Plan - 3 Payments

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