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Mommy-To-Be Coaching

Are you ready to feel confident, trusting and calm during your childbirth along with all the life changes that accompany
becoming a mama?

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Is this program for you?

This program is for the first-time mama or the mama welcoming another baby, who is ready to feel confident and trusting of their childbirth experience. Whether you're in the first trimester or weeks away from your due-date, Tashina can help you mentally and emotionally feel prepared and relaxed as you enter this incredible journey of mamahood.

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Today's culture and society has impacted how we view and experience pregnancy, labor and childbirth.  Today's mainstream view on the journey of becoming a mother has been surrounded by and infused with drama, fear and a detachment from the normal, natural sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth.  Instead it's been associated with medical procedures, drawn out and painful childbirths, C-Sections and more, which can often leave a woman feeling disempowered, fearful and doubting the ability of her body.

-Consider the stories you've heard from your friends.

-Think back to the experiences of your grandmothers and mother.

-Contemplate how advertisements, social media, religion and culture have shaped how you view and think about pregnancy and childbirth.

Are these stories, thoughts and views how you truly desire to bring your beautiful baby into the world?

Or do you long to experience the rest of your pregnancy and the welcoming of your baby in a more centered, empowered and easeful way?


Do you have underlying thoughts about...

  • Fear of the process of labor & childbirth (long and painful)

  • Doubt in your birth plan and those lined up to support you in executing your plan

  • Fear your birth plan might have to change during childbirth

  • Doubt in your body’s ability to birth your baby

  • Feel the world is an unsafe place to bring your baby into

  • Past traumas (sexual abuse/rape, stillbirths, etc).

  • Or any other fear, doubt, concern

If any of these thoughts and doubts are still present when you enter into labor and childbirth, your nervous system will be in a heightened stressed state. This can lead to prolonged dilation and labor, more painful childbirths, inability to relax and allow your body and baby to do what is most natural, and confidently adapt to any changes in your birth plan.

What if you went into childbirth believing at your deepest core:

  • “I trust my body knows what to do when I go into labor.”

  • “It’s safe to bring my baby into this world.”

  • “I trust the doctors/nurses/midwife which help to deliver my baby.”

  • “I allow the contractions to flow through me quickly and easily.”

  • “My birth plan is honored and respected.”

  • “I’m ready to be a mom!”

In this 1:1 coaching program we will be working with the specific goals you have for your birth from the perspective of mindset and subconscious beliefs.  Imagine how much more at ease, peaceful, trusting and confident you will be.

Another element we will explore in this program is how your internal experiences may be affecting your baby while she/he is developing in-utero and the environment you are birthing them into.

By changing your mindset, beliefs & thoughts you are gifting your baby with an incredible foundation for them to start their life.

“From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for

personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.”

- Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect.

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In the Mommy-To-Be Coaching Program we will


  • Identify what beliefs, fears, concerns and doubts you have about pregnancy (regardless of what trimester you're in)


  • Discover what story you've created and told yourself about childbirth


  • Transform any past birth or sexual traumas/stressful situations that may be causing fear or doubt


  • Pinpoint the beliefs, feelings and thoughts you would rather have about pregnancy and childbirth


  • Integrate these beliefs at the subconscious level so you may experience a relaxed and confident pregnancy & birth


  • Overcome any self doubt or worry you have about becoming a mama.


  • Strengthen your relationship to your partner


  • Ensure your internal dialogue supports ease in breastfeeding or bottle feeding


  • Overcome "mom-guilt" about returning to work and self-care

Let's work together so when the time comes to give birth to your baby and step into the amazing role of being a mama, you feel prepared, calm, and confident,

 allowing you to be fully present to this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your baby.

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Coach with Tashina Today

10 sessions total: 1-1 Sessions (60-mins)


Regular Price

3 x $1,175

Payment Plan - 3 Payments

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